When will the UK have its first kitchenware collection?

A series of high-end kitchenware products are due to be launched in the UK later this year.

The first of the new collection will be a range of new kitchenware items called the “Vintage Kitchen” that is due to launch in April.

The items range from a glass tabletop to a range that includes an espresso machine, a coffee maker, a microwave oven and a coffee table.

The collection is being launched as the UK embarks on a two-year phase to transition to a low carbon economy, following the Paris Agreement on climate change.

It comes as the government announces a new £20bn investment in its household appliance sector.

The UK government said it was investing in the “vast” appliance sector, including a new appliance manufacturer, a range in new products and a range on new technology.

In total, it said it will invest £2.6bn over the next two years in the appliance sector and create more than 300,000 jobs.

The government will also create 100,000 apprenticeships over the two years, and will invest in the new technology sector.

In a statement, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said: “As part of this investment, we are announcing the UK’s first collection of high quality, low carbon kitchenware to be available to our customers, and we are proud to partner with the leading manufacturers of the world in the process.”

The collection will provide UK customers with a range and range of high end kitchenware that will meet the needs of the modern home, and give them the opportunity to create and share their own designs.

“The kitchenware will be produced in the USA and imported into the UK by the US-based brand, KitchenAid.