The ‘War on Cooking’ has taken a toll on the kitchen

RTE 2/6 ‘War On Cooking’ is a cooking term for the use of kitchenware to cook food, but is increasingly being used to describe food service and catering outlets which are serving alcohol.

1/6 It is a term used to refer to a range of kitchen utensils including knives, forks, spoons, ladles and mugs.

2/06 ‘It’s the kitchen sink’.

3/06 The term is commonly used to explain how the kitchen is used to cook.

4/06 Many restaurants have adopted a new ‘war on cooking’ campaign that has seen the use and misuse of kitchen objects being banned.

5/06 In recent years, a number of UK businesses have taken legal action to ban the use or sale of certain kitchenware, including forks, ladle handles and spoons.

6/06 According to the Office for National Statistics, about one in five households has a kitchen sink.

1 / 6 ‘It is the kitchen doorknob’.

2/ 6 ‘We don’t need your kitchen sink.’

3/ 6 The term refers to a set of kitchen implements including knives and forks, as well as other kitchen uts.

4 / 6 Some restaurants have implemented a ‘war’ on cooking, where they ban the sale or use of certain appliances and/or use them as a way of protesting against what they see as the ‘war against the kitchen’.

5/ 6 In recent times, a large number of businesses have adopted legal action against food outlets for their use of the term ‘war’.

6/ 6 According to statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), about one out of five households have a kitchen do not have a sink.