How to make the best ottava meal in New Zealand

Oxtava is a delicacy in New Zealander’s cuisine, with traditional oxtavas cooked with smoked fish and lamb.

But it’s a dish with an unusual history that New Zealanders can’t quite get their heads around.

Oxtavae are a staple of many New Zealandan dishes.

New Zealand’s first recipe for oxtava was created by the British soldier George G. Wilson in 1794, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The recipe calls for stewed oxtaua, but New Zealand doesn’t have any native ingredients for the dish.

Instead, it was created as an alternative to the traditional Japanese dishes of otsu, a spicy-spiced beef stew.

This was because New Zealand’s diet was a bit more meat-centric.

“It was a lot more meat and pork,” said Paul Smith, who runs the Oxtava Cookery Association.

He said New Zealandans were not familiar with oxtavia, but had been introduced to it by other countries.

Smith said oxtavalas are also known as oxtabu, and are usually served with a rice dish called oxtoba, which are the traditional dishes of the islanders.

To get the best result, he recommends sticking to the basic ingredients, like fish, lamb and vegetables.

It’s also important to add salt to the oxta dish to make it less salty, which will help it to soak up the flavour.

Here’s a look at some of the traditional New Zealand dishes.