How to get the most out of your Apple TV with a dedicated Apple TV remote

Apple TV owners may be used to getting their favorite streaming service on the same TV as their other Apple devices, but the new Apple TV has added another new way to get entertainment on your Apple device.

This new Apple remote app lets you easily connect to Apple TV without having to open a separate app or download an app to your iPhone.

Here’s what you need to know about this new Apple Remote app:The Apple Remote App has been available for a few weeks, but it’s now available for everyone.

The Apple Remote will work with your iOS device and a Mac running OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later.

You can also download the iOS version of the app to the Mac and run it directly from your Mac’s Finder window.

The app allows you to connect to an Apple TV using an HDMI cable or USB cable.

The iPhone app is compatible with Apple TV’s new remote control, so if you want to control your Apple television remotely from your iPhone, you can do that.

The new AppleTV remote app is the latest addition to Apple’s lineup of Apple TV apps, which include a built-in video player, a video editor, and a new video recorder.

The Apple TV Remote app has been a hit with Apple’s fans.

Its a free download, but if you need an AppleTV with the new remote controls, you’ll need to buy the app or subscribe to AppleTV, the Apple TV service, or other premium subscription services.