Feds to inspect more than 200,000 new kitchenware imports in 2018

A federal crackdown on imported kitchenware will include inspecting more than 20,000 imported items from the United States and Canada in 2018, a move that is expected to reduce the importation of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products.

The Department of Homeland Security will conduct inspections at the U.S. ports of entry to determine whether any of the items contain foreign-made parts, according to the Department of Agriculture.

The inspections will begin in late March, the department said in a statement, and include the following:The Department also will “review the inventory and inventory requirements of domestic producers, and consider changes to the domestic production and importation processes, including possible changes to product certification, import procedures, and the quality control requirements,” according to a department news release.

The DHS announcement follows a year-long investigation into imported kitchen products, which has revealed many cases of contamination and safety violations.

In February, the agency announced that more than 100 imported products, including cookware, were found to contain foreign material.

The agency has said that it is investigating the importations of nearly 300 products, and is currently reviewing the import applications of more than 60 companies.

The USDA is the lead agency in the Department’s investigation, which is part of the agency’s ongoing work to address the safety and quality of domestic products.