Classic Korean Kitchenware Brands in 2018

By Mark J. Rebilas/ESPN Staff – 3/16/2018 05:54:03A new list has been released by the Korean Kitchen & Dining Association (KDDA) to highlight the most popular Korean kitchenware brands in 2018.KDMA, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Korean families through the use of Korean kitchen products, has released its 2018 “Best of the Best” list for Korean kitchen goods.

Korean kitchen products are known for their versatility, but also for their popularity.

The KDMA has compiled a list of some of the most affordable and affordable Korean kitchen brands to be found online.KDF, the popular Korean brand, made the list for the first time in 2018 with an estimated retail value of $3,000.

The list is comprised of 11 products from three manufacturers.

Among the 10 items, two are made in Korea, one is made in Japan and the other is made overseas.

These three brands made up 47.7% of the total product market.