When Rainbow Kitchenware goes purple, the kitchen is purple too

The Rainbow Kitchenwear line has been a hot commodity on Amazon in recent months, with buyers rushing to stock up on the new pieces, and even going so far as to make a $1,000 pledge to secure a Rainbow Kitchen in time for Christmas.

But the line has also sparked some controversy, with critics questioning whether Rainbow Kitchen Wear is selling products that they actually need.

“I have been trying to buy Rainbow Kitchen, but it is selling me out, not only in my mind but also in my wallet,” wrote a reader on the company’s Facebook page.

“It is an incredibly expensive brand, especially considering the price tag,” added another.

“How can you say it is a gift when you are selling it to your customers?”

Another user asked, “How does it make a customer think that they are buying a gift?”

Many people have expressed their frustrations with Rainbow Kitchen’s pricing on Amazon.

And a few Amazon reviewers are now taking to Twitter to weigh in on the controversy.

Some customers are worried about the quality of Rainbow Kitchen products, like the “pink paint” and “paint splatters” that were shown in some of the recent photos, as well as the color of the fabric used for the back pockets.

Another customer complained that the rainbow-colored fabric on the back pocket of one of the bags made it look like the color had been added to the fabric at some point, and that the fabric itself was too bright.

“If you are buying Rainbow Kitchen from Amazon, please do not put rainbow paint on it,” one user wrote.

“I will not be buying Rainbow anymore.”

Another customer commented that the Rainbow Kitchen bag had a sticker on it, which he said looked like “rainbow spray paint.”

Amazon responded to the controversy, saying that Rainbow Kitchen items are handmade, and its products are “created, processed and packed in the USA, in our U.S. facilities.”

It added that “the color, texture, and quality of the finished product may vary” from the photos on Amazon, but the Rainbow logo is on the bag and the Rainbow label is on all the other products.

Amazon has not commented on whether it plans to remove rainbow products from its marketplace in the future.

But many customers say that they’re happy with the Rainbow products.

“They’re a great company, a great brand and I think they have a great future,” one customer told the Washington Post.

“We’re not getting rid of Rainbow.”