India launches new line of kitchenware from Italian brands

New Delhi, India (AP) Indian brand Hermes has launched a new line from Italy that uses the latest technology and materials to create a range of kitchen accessories.

The new line, which includes accessories like a roasting pan, oven, microwave and electric cooktop, is named Hermes Kettle, the brand’s first product since it was founded in 2012, according to a statement on the brand website.

The company said the new line will include a roaster, a pot and a pan, as well as ovens and a microwave.

It said the appliances have been made from the highest quality materials, and that the range will be available in Indian and foreign markets in a limited time.

In addition to the range, Hermes has announced plans to launch a new brand, with an expanded line of cooking appliances.

The company also plans to develop new brands to bring new products to the Indian market.