‘I was just being me’: House Republicans refuse to support Trump’s nominee for deputy secretary of the Army

By Emily O’Neil,Reuters”I am not going to be silent.

We have to stand up.

And I am not happy about it,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters at the Capitol on Wednesday, as Republicans voted to reject Army veteran and Trump’s pick for deputy assistant secretary of Army.

Ryan said that he was going to have to explain his decision to the party and his constituents.

He said he has spoken to all the nominees and that he is confident that there will be enough votes in the House to make the change.

“I think that I have done the right thing, and I will continue to do that,” Ryan said.

“We have to hold the president accountable,” he said.

“If I don’t do that, he’s going to lose the next election.”

The speaker was responding to the news that Trump had nominated John C. Stocks, an Army veteran who has been in the private sector for more than 25 years.

Stocks has been a vocal critic of Trump’s administration, and he also has called for the resignation of the president and his administration.

Trump nominated Stocks to the position of deputy assistant defense secretary on Tuesday, a move that prompted a rebuke from the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman, Chuck Hagel, and the president himself.

Stacks’ nomination is likely to be controversial because he is not an Army officer.

In the Senate, senators have voted against several nominees in recent months for the position.

Democrats have said that Stocks should be considered as a candidate for the deputy position.