How to cook an anime at home

Posted December 16, 2019 09:47:38When you are cooking, do you start with the kitchenware that you need or do you go the extra mile?

If you are a fan of Japanese cooking, then this question may come up a lot.

Here are 10 ways to cook your favorite Japanese anime, anime movies and anime-related merchandise.1.

 Use an ottoman or tablecloth2.

Use a bamboo skewer or other small utensil3.

Use bamboo chopsticks to cut the vegetables or other vegetables4.

Use utensils to make sushi or other Japanese dishes5.

Use rice paper as a rice cooker6.

Make sushi with a bowl of rice or other rice noodles7.

Use Japanese cooking utensies to cook a pot roast8.

Use an oven as a stove for cooking a dish9.

Use kabob meat to cook rice or pasta10.

Use kitchen knives to cut vegetables, such as carrots or celery11.

Use chopsticks or a wooden spoon to scoop rice or noodles12.

Use water to make soup13.

Use the stove to cook noodles14.

Use small plates to serve your family15.

Use soup pot as a large dinner plate16.

Make a rice noodle soup with soup and vegetables17.

Make soup with noodles and vegetables18.

Make soups with rice, beans or rice wine19.

Make noodles with rice or rice broth20.

Use noodles to make stir-fries21.

Use sushi rice to make noodles22.

Use vegetables to make kabobs23.

Make tofu noodles24.

Use vegetable-based sauces25.

Make stir-fried vegetables26.

Make Japanese noodles with vegetables27.

Use sesame seeds as a seasoning28.

Use sweet potato for an Asian salad29.

Use dried beans as a marinade30.

Use roasted peanuts as a garnish31.

Use mushrooms as a base for a meat dish32.

Use soy sauce to add flavor33.

Make your own sushi rice with fresh vegetables34.

Use cooked mushrooms to make a salad35.

Make rice noodles with fresh mushrooms36.

Use green beans as marinades37.

Use eggplant as a side dish38.

Use black beans for a dip39.

Make an Asian rice noodles dish40.

Use bean sprouts for an appetizer or side dish41.

Use red bean paste for an entree42.

Make vegan sushi rice43.

Use tofu as a pasta base44.

Make eggplant noodles45.

Use spinach for a side or side salad46.

Make quinoa for an entrée47.

Make bean salad48.

Make zucchini noodles49.

Make brown rice pasta50.

Make curry noodle51.

Make fried tofu pasta52.

Make black bean noodle salad53.

Make vegetable-packed salad54.

Make beef, chicken, or pork noodle pasta55.

Make veggie-packed spaghetti sauce56.

Make pasta sauce using veggie noodles57.

Make spaghetti sauce using vegan noodles58.

Make tomato sauce using tofu noodles59.

Make vegetarian noodle sauce60.

Make spicy vegan noodle recipe61.

Make grilled veggie pasta62.

Make baked veggie lasagna63.

Make roasted veggie meat64.

Make meatballs65.

Make lasagna with vegan meats and vegetables66.

Make chicken lasagna67.

Make turkey lasagna68.

Make pizza with vegan meat and vegetables69.

Make potato pizza with a vegan cheese crust70.

Make the most delicious vegetarian pizza 71.

Make mashed potatoes with a homemade cheese crust72.

Make potatoes or rice noodles73.

Make cauliflower mash for a pot pie74.

Make gravy with vegan gravy recipe75.

Make marinara sauce using cauliflower, potatoes or a sauce of your choice76.

Make spinach and cauliflower sauce using kale or other green vegetables77.

Make vegetables in sauce using any vegetables from the vegetable garden78.

Make tzatziki sauce using spinach, potatoes, and cheese79.

Make sweet potato curry with the sweet potato and zucchinas80.

Make tamari sauce using the potatoes, potatoes and zuchinas81.

Make sesame rice for a soup dish82.

Make sauteed tofu with a creamy sauce83.

Make patties with sweet potato sauce84.

Make pork chopsticks with sweet potatoes85.

Make kabocha noodles for a stir-fired vegetable dish86.

Make ramen noodles for dipping87.

Make steamed rice with a sweet potato dipping sauce88.

Make nabe prawns for dipping89.

Make seaweed prawn rolls for dipping90.

Make soy bean sprout rolls for dip91.

Make pickled vegetables with pickled cucumbers92.

Make mochi for dipping93.

Make oden noodles for dip94.

Make jumbo sushi rolls with seaweed sprouts95.

Make bok choy for dipping96.

Make green bean curry for dipping97. Make