French kitchenware company sells ‘vintage’ copper kitchen furniture

French kitchen accessories retailer Doyenne has sold “vintage” copper kitchen tools for the first time, with the first batch of pieces going for just $30.

The company’s website shows a series of vintage kitchen tools that were made by the Swiss company Doyene.

“It was not just a little bit of plastic, it was a bit of metal, but it was very functional and it was really quite simple to use,” the company’s director of design, Olivier Proussard, told the French broadcaster BFMTV.

“The materials were made to last and to be used.”

The company said it had received several inquiries from consumers wanting to buy the tools.

“We don’t want to sell the tools, we want to create a product, and that’s what we’re doing,” Mr Prouessard said.

“I think we have created a very interesting product, so we’ll try to market it and sell it as soon as we can.”

The French manufacturer also offers a variety of other “vendors”, including a brand of French kitchen tools called Doyenet.

The brand has had its website taken down, but Mr Poussard said it would be back up shortly.

“This is a brand that we’re happy with,” he said.