Abu Dhabi: $1,000 handbag worth $6,000 in two days

Saudi Arabia is one of the most expensive places to buy handbags in the world, but a woman from the UAE managed to sell a handbag for just $1 million in two weeks.

The bag was reportedly given to her mother-in-law after her mother was killed by her brother, and she said the family was forced to sell the bag after she found out she had cancer.

Her mother- in-law died in September.

“I had to go to the bank to get money to buy the bag because I couldn’t afford to buy it,” she told the Dubai news agency WAM.

I’m still in shock.” “

After she died, I had to sell her bag because she had no money.

I’m still in shock.”

Abu Dhabi is a major shopping destination in the UAE, with shoppers flocking to luxury shopping malls, where prices are often set by the amount of money they can afford to spend.

Abu Dhabi, a city of more than 20 million people, is home to more than two million people.

According to WAM, the average price of a handbags sold in the city of Dubai is $1.9 million (S$3.5 million).

The Dubai government is trying to combat the problem by raising prices by as much as 30 per cent on average for handbags, as it has done for several years.