What to know about the new gold kitchen gear

Axios -1.9 billion gold kitchen tools, 1.9 trillion kitchenware and 2.2 billion coffee cups will be on sale in Canada from the end of June.

These include a $2.4-billion kitchen kit from Canada’s Big Five manufacturers, the first-ever silver and gold versions of a $5.5-billion collection of kitchenware made by Swiss-based Janssen, and a $10-billion coffee-can opener, which the manufacturer says is the first to use the new “bamboo alloy” technology.

The price tags are for a new line of kitchen products, but the products have been in production since 2014.

This will be the first time the product line is open to public for a long time.

“This is a significant milestone for the company and its employees, and we look forward to working with our partners to deliver a product that delivers on their expectations and delivers for Canadians,” said Paul Wozniak, president and chief executive officer of Jansson.

Janssen said it expects to deliver the coffee-cup opener at the end to help it meet a number of market challenges including a strong Canadian coffee market, the growth of the coffee industry and consumer demand for its products.

The coffee cup opener is the latest addition to a growing collection of Jonssen products that includes the Janssens Kitchen Light and Kitchen Air.

Jonssen is a leading manufacturer of the gold and silver kitchenware brands including its own kitchen products.

The company also has a gold-plated coffee pot and a silver-plating espresso cup.

The Jonsens Coffee-Cup Opener, the company said in a statement, will be available in Canada and worldwide starting on June 12 and will be offered in three sizes: large, medium and small.

The Coffee-Can Opener will be priced at $5,000 for a medium size and $1,000 each for a small and large size.

The coffee-cups will be sold in both stainless steel and brass with a choice of stainless steel or brass, Jansen said.

The company said it will be selling coffee pots and accessories to other brands in Canada, and it will offer free shipping to customers in the U.S.

The Canadian Coffee Association applauded the announcement and said it looks forward to continuing to expand its supply chain and to expand the coffee market in Canada.

“The Canadian market has been the world’s most important for coffee, and this new addition to the Jonsson collection will be a welcome addition to that,” said CCA CEO Rob McLaughlin.

The new Jonssens Coffee Cups will be part of the company’s ongoing supply chain, and they will be distributed to the public via its website.

Jenssen said the company is looking forward to the launch of the new coffee-pot opener, and the launch “of a brand-new range of coffee-to-plate, coffee-making tools and equipment,” and “an exciting new range of kitchen tools.”

The company will also launch its coffee-maker kit in 2018, which will include a gold kettle, a gold pan and a gold grinder.