Which Swiss brand has the best kitchenware?

Kitchenware from brands like Swiss Pro Kitchenware, Kettle & Bar, Swiss Ritz and JB Hi-Fi are among the best-selling items on Amazon.com, according to data from the website’s analytics team.

But while the list of top sellers for kitchenware may not be as impressive as the top-ranked brands, it is still a pretty impressive haul.

According to the analytics team, the top 100 Swiss brands are worth $1.1 billion, with more than half of that being spent on kitchenware.

The data also reveals that the average price of a kitchenware set is around $1,000.

Swiss Pro Kitchenwear has been on the top of the sales charts for the past year, according the data.

It currently has a 22.7 per cent market share, according Amazon.

However, there are a few other brands that are on top of Amazon’s list, including JB and Hi-fi, which together sell more than $2 billion worth of kitchenware annually.

The next two best-sellers on the list are JB, which is worth $3.3 billion, and JBC, which sells $2.6 billion worth.

The top 10 Swiss brands include JBC and JBS, which are worth about $1 billion each.