Amazon kitchenware to hit shelves in the UK this year

Ayesha Curry Kitchenware will hit shelves this year in the United Kingdom.

The company announced it would begin to stock its kitchenware range in the country next year, and the first sets will be available in July, the company said in a statement.

“We are proud to announce we will begin stocking kitchenware for the UK in July 2018.

We’re thrilled to be bringing these products to our customers in the year ahead,” said Amazon UK’s managing director of retail, Ben Hargreaves.

The range includes four items from Amazon’s kitchenware division: the cooktop, a dishwasher, a fridge, and a microwave.

Curry’s Kitchenware includes kitchen appliances that were designed to cook foods at home.

It includes the cooktops that are often used for cooking and preparing food for a family, as well as the dishwashers that can also be used to prepare other dishes, like soups and stews.

Carrara said Amazon was looking to launch more kitchenware in the future, including kitchen utensils.

“Amazon Kitchenware is the best kitchenware brand on the planet and we have been fortunate to be able to partner with them for more than 30 years,” she said.

“This partnership has allowed us to bring a great range of kitchenware products to customers around the world.”

Our products are the envy of our customers and the ones they tell us they want to be using.

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